Grand jury indicts Joplin bowling alley manager on child pornography charges

A federal grand jury indicted a Joplin bowling alley manager Tuesday on child pornography charges.

According to documents filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Don Ruddick, 37, an assistant manager at Carl Richard’s 4th Street Bowl, received and possessed child pornography between Dec. 26, 2012, and April 12, 2013.

The U. S. Attorney filed a motion today to keep Ruddick locked up without bond as he awaits trial. In the motion, the government outlined its reasons:

In relation to the weight of the evidence supporting the charges in the instant criminal indictment, child pornography was downloaded by law enforcement from the defendant’s computer on multiple occasions. Following a search warrant, child pornography was found on the defendant’s computer and in numerous storage devises. Law enforcement discovered thousands of images and videos of child pornography on the defendant’s computer and on storage discs. Furthermore, the defendant had gone to the extraordinary step of categorizing each image of child pornography into categories such as “bestiality.” This defendant literally maintained and updated his own personal library of child pornography. In addition, the ages of the children victims depicted within the defendant’s library of pornography ranged in ages from infants to approximately 14 years old. Finally, the defendant has admitted that the images were on his computer and he has identified terms that he would use to search for images of child pornography.

d. The defendant is facing a significant amount of prison time and is believed to be a flight risk for that reason.

e. The defendant periodically resides with a girlfriend and her 2 year old child, who is similar in age to many of the child victims depicted in the child pornography viewed by the defendant. The defendant being in close proximity and providing supervision to this child make him a considerable risk to this child and the community at large. It should be noted that when law enforcement contacted the defendant’s girlfriend, she advised them that the defendant explained that the agents were speaking with him about an isolated incident in which unknown images of child pornography were accidentally downloaded. Agents then informed the defendant’s girlfriend that the defendant’s statements to her
about their presence were entirely false and intended to mislead. Finally, the defendant is currently employed as an assistant manager at a local bowling alley and is close contact with children every day at his job.

Ruddick’s arraignment has been scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 7, in Springfield.

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  1. Wow…I went to school with this guy! Seemed growing up very sweet guy! People are scary…this should be on local channels

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