The Joplin Police Department and the Night My Daughter Died

Brooke RussellBy KEVIN RUSSELL

(In this message, Kevin Russell, Joplin, talks about the night of March 17, 2013, when his daughter, Brooke, died. The Brooke Russell Memorial Facebook Page can be found at this link.)

Six months ago, my family and I went through a horrible tragedy. We found my 16-year-old daughter with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Dealing with the death of my daughter has been beyond difficult and especially the way she died. I was in a forgiving mood the next morning from the Joplin Police Department mistakes, but then I read the police reports three weeks later and literally started shaking as to what they said.

Not only that, I then learned that the police called my son’s recruiting sergeant and told him that my son was unfit to serve. (That policeman later called me and told me that was procedure, however Lane Roberts, the police chief, later told me IF that was standard procedure it was news to him and it would not happen again)

My son was supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan days after my daughter’s death, but it was called off due to the tragedy. This is a brief recollection of what happened that terrible night.

We called 911 speeding to the hospital. They told us to go the police station where there would be an ambulance waiting. My son and I placed my daughter in the ambulance and backed away.

An EMT turned to us to ask what happened. At that moment, my daughter fell off of the gurney, I screamed, then the EMT pointed his finger in my face and screamed at me to calm down while never turning or tending to my daughter. My son was standing next to me, being quiet and not moving. Then my son and I were pepper sprayed, locked up for three and a half hours (we were told we would be released in 20 minutes and were being charged w/ disturbing the peace)

My daughter died at the hospital while my son and I were chained to a bench.

My wife was there alone.

They charged my son and I with assault, obstruction, and disturbing the peace. I thought for sure everything would be dropped since I only screamed. It has been months and the prosecutor now wants to charge me with assault and (have me) take anger management counseling. I do not have anger issues. The police and EMT filed crazy reports. I’m going to turn to the media to tell this story. Many supporters recommended that I do that and so I am.

Thank you,
Kevin Russell

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  1. I no longer live there but was appalled when I heard about the incident. From what I have heard, I believe the situation was mishandled.

      1. Complaint or not this will go unpunished. It must be taken care of personally. The jpd protects thier own and refuse to see past the veil to see the truth that they are corrupt and injust. I have moved out of joplin partly due to this fact

      2. The governors office might be able to order an investigation, but just forgo that obstacle and just contact the MO AG’s office directly. If I remember right JPD was investigated not that long ago by the MO AG for something else. It never hurts to try.

        1. Believe me when I say my heart goes out to this family. We had an incident years back when my son was badly beaten by two JPD officers.( I still have the professional photos taken of his injuries.) Long story short, I went to the MO.AG and filed a complaint. What happened? NOTHING!! Investigation was done, but the “BLUE LINE” was never crossed! Talk about a cover-up, it was so pitiful. If it had only been my son, well~~ but it wasn’t. There was two other cases concerning the same two officers. Draw your own conclusion! Get an attorney, but not one close to or in Joplin, that’s not afraid of the JPD, and the powers that be!!! I will never again live in that stinking town because of that very thing!

          1. It’s not just Joplin police department, it’s Jasper county. There is a bigger picture. But good luck. And prayers go out to your family.

    1. We we not there. We did not see what happened. Two sides to every story. Maybe, just maybe, the father was held by handcuffs (whatever) because he was a danger to himself or others. We know how it would feel to have a family member kill themselves…and I can honestly say I do not know how I would react….but I do not believe I would be able to even REMEMBER much of what happened afterwards…

      1. r u stupid….or don’t have anybody that u love enough to care about them being dropped off of a gurney? oooohhhh….wait maybe u r a first responder? taking care of the good old boys? u r from jasper county right?

      2. Honor, have you read the other related responses by people that endured similar actions? Have you watched the news lately? Maybe, just MAYBE, you had better start doing so & find out stuff like this happening all around us! You would not get excited if that was your daughter that fell off the gurney? People like you have their heads buried in…..the sand and do not want to see reality! You are sad!

      3. I beg to differ with this last comment. I am sure the father and son can remember verbedum everything about that day.
        Its been 43 yr. Since my husband was beaten.shot.and our 77 yr.friend was murdered. I was there.Trust me, its as real today as then.people present, comments.smells and sights. I will never forget.I believe him.That day is permanently inched into his brain.

  2. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Have you consulted an attorney? That is what I would do. Not sure if there is anything that can be done but it would be worth a shot.

  3. My heart goes out to your family for your loss. Parents should teach they’re child at an early age that the police aren’t friends, the police will take parents as well as child out of homes putting them on harms way. Most cops believe themselves above the law, can’t trust anything a cop tells you kids. Never talk to the cops or answer any question they ask. Its not just Joplin but come on joplin cops are off the chain when comes to stupidity

    1. Your comment is absolutely ridiculous. The police are there to help you. They put their safety as the top priority in a situation where they could be threatened. But when a citizen is in danger they are required by policy to help that person. You teaching your children to not trust cops make their job harder. And their job is to protect you. Not all cops are good, but most are. Just like in any profession.

      1. Trina:

        You evidently haven’t been paying attention lately. You’re correct, not all cops are bad, but not all are good. If they’re good, you have a good day. If they’re bad, your day (and possibly your life) get bad. In the few times I’ve had to deal with them since moving back to Joplin in 2004, I’ve had one good experience, and all the rest were incompetent. I used to trust every cop, but no more. I regard every one of them as suspect until proven otherwise.

        1. Police are a joke. My house was broken into. Window knocked out, ect. In the police report, it stated that the back door was left unlocked. Are u kidding. The police forces in the area are a damn joke. Untrained and uneducated!

      2. Every few days we read one or two horror stories about trigger-happy cops. On August 2, we reported on a 95-year old man shot to death with bean bag and stun guns by cops. On August 7, we covered the story of a cop beating a woman senseless after she was caught shoplifting. Last month, we reported on an honor student who had her teeth knocked out by sadistic cops at a restaurant in Illinois. In Oregon, police tasered an autistic girl while a cop in Florida ran over a man with his patrol car. In Durham, North Carolina, a cop recently assaulted a motorist and threatened to plant cocaine on him. Meanwhile, in Chicago, a federal lawsuit accuses a police officer or sodomizing a man with a gun during interrogation. You trust the police all you want.

      3. To take sides with the police is disturbing. The actions in this incident is deplorable. There is no excuse for the actions in this case. The EMTs also were out of line they are there to help the person injured not to get involed in the police actions !

      4. Trina: Honey, you are delusional and have obviously not been living in the real world or you just have never been anywhere. I have. I have lived in many places and many cities, Joplin being one of them (I live in Baton Rouge right now…a much BIGGER place than Joplin). It is pretty much the same in all of them and it is getting worse with time. Don’t trust ANYONE!

      5. The Supreme Court has ruled that the duties of the police are to enforce laws, not protect citizens.

        I agree that the police are not your friends. However, I’m not teaching my kids that until they are teens, when they will be more likely to be dealing with police on their own. While they are little, they can believe that police are good, and trust that they will be helped in the event they need the police.

      6. Trina, you are so naive. Im a retired peace officer, my uncles were retired sheriffs office & federal marshals office.the most corrupt & crooked people we knew were police officers,judges and their sock puppet attorneys. This is nation wide. Its ok to have your own perspective, but don’t try to spread false witness to our children. I raised 10 children and have 30 grandchildren now. I teach them to avoid police at all cost. Don’t get me wrong. There are the 1% who do a great job, but I can assure you, they hold the same opinion.

      7. You’re right, MOST cops are there to serve and to protect, definitely not the case with Joplin police, they are shady, and do what they can to do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to!

      8. You are living in a fantasy world.The police I have had dealings with where I live are quick to cause trouble,do not protect us;as a matter of fact we need protection from them.

      9. bullshit. maybe back in 1940 and 1950 but today they are just as bad as the criminals. They do things to line there own pockets. and as far as the EMT pointing his finger in my face. He would of pulled a nub back. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you and your family.

      10. shut your mouth idiot! you have no idea what the jpd are capable of. I know first hand. I am permenantly fried from a tazer to my neck.

      11. DEAR TRINA, The police ARE NOT THERE TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC, little known fact. They don’t have to lift a finger even if watching a murder taking place in front of them.

      12. Every – and I mean EVERY- cop dreams of pulling the trigger, killing someone, and landing some high fives from his comrades in arms. It’s in their blood. They look for any excuse to pull a trigger. if you don’t have the bloodthirsty urge to kill someone, you won’t make it as a cop. The kill mentality is inculcated into the law enforcement culture. I don’t trust cops and have taught mychildren not to trust cops. They are nothing but trouble and I would rather die a horrific death than call a cop for help.

      13. Trina, this story is not about the Police men and woman who do the right thing. It is about the Joplin Police Department and an incident that happened to Mr. Russell and his family. So get with the program or please be quite. What you said does not help this man with his problem. I live in Kansas City , Mo. I have seen good and bad Police officers. But I have never seen or heard of this kind of B.S. from a police department. Mr. Russell you need an attorney and you need to sue this police department as well as the ambulance company that dropped your wounded daughter. They not only violated your rights but took what was the last time you would have seen your daughter alive away from you. THIS MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED! Our country is being over ran by this type of behavior from our elected officials and we must start standing up for ourselves. Sorry for your loss. May God bless you and yours.

      14. Cops are not longer there to serve and protect. They are there as LAW ENFORCEMENT. They don’t protect shit except for other cops. They enforce the law that’s it. No common sense, no pity, nothing but bullying citizens. Also your being foolish teaching your children to trust anyone especially cops!

  4. Wow, on behalf of every EMS worker I apologize and I wasn’t even involved. The Joplin PD almost killed me,my daughter,my husband at the time and my daughter’s boyfriend when a McDonald’s was robbed and we just happened to be next in the drive thru. Take it straight to the media,and go big if the local media doesnt want to help you. I am so sorry about your daughter,I feel terrible that your wife was alone. Email me if you like,I’m know a writer who isn’t scared of justice .What’s right is right..God bless you and your family.

  5. Sorry for your loss and what has happened. I have heard of terrible stories of late. Someone needs to be held accountable for this!

  6. What can we do to help you? It is all a very tragic situation for all involved. You would think they would understand that emotions would run very high trying to save your loved one….SAD….

  7. I am very saddened by this! May God bless your family and give you the justice you deserve. I hope those involved are held accountable!

  8. Not all cops are bad it’s too bad that one bad apple to ruin the whole bushel. I’m so sorry for your loss my hope for your family is that you find peace & comfort while dealing with this tradegy

    1. The majority in joplin are bad. Told my boyfriend last week, I’m not above the law I am the law. And we r supposed to respect an trust that? No thanks! A little girl dies an now they want an assault charge! This cannot happen they have gone too far! Someone please help these people.

      1. No, they are not the law… they serve the law and serve the community… or are supposed to anyway. They are only human and make mistakes and say the wrong things sometimes, but I agree and understand everyone’s sentiment here. As a veteran and part of law enforcement, I know a lot of times there just aren’t enough funds and training available to keep everyone up to speed like they should be. Not an excuse, but just some things to think about. Yes, the bad ones should be removed from their position if they cannot be corrected and trained properly. The proper training is my concern… you can only use what tools you have been given and if the state and federal government won’t give you those tools (proper training) then it can be very difficult to do your job right.

        1. Training classes from the government nor the state had to teach me how to treat people with dignity and respect. As far as the laws, yes they do need more training. There are so many cocky assholes on the force now what was left of the good ones is all but obsolete. Maybe if the didn’t gun it from every stoplight and drive like a bat out of hell all over town, they could use the money they would save in gas for some proper training.

        2. The issue with the Joplin Police Department isn’t with a lack of training. Its obviously a problem from the top down. The police in Joplin act more like infantryman in Iraq than law enforcement officers. They are overly aggressive. They use unwarranted force, then they ask questions after the fact. This problem isn’t with one or two officers, but with the majority of the department. This is what I have witnessed with my own eyes. If it is true that there only a small majority of officers that act this way, then the officers who don’t act this way must be too intimidated by the officers who do. Either way, the reason I say this is a problem from the top down and not because of lack of training is because the supervisors of the these patrol officers know more about the actions of their patrol officers than the general public, and they have done absolutely nothing about interactions with the public. It is true that a police officer’s job is to enforce the law , and it is not a police officer’s job to help citizens. Although they are not required to assist citizens with medical emergencies and such, it is still their position and duty to serve the public as law enforcement officials. The Joplin Police Department is not a military unit. It is also true that citizens of the U.S. are protected by the U.S. Constitution. While it is important for a police officer to go home safely after work every day, it is also important that a police officer respects the constitutional rights of the citizens they serve. The police have no right to use physical force without reasonable suspicion that the person or persons they are dealing with are going to use physical force to harm them. Shouting is not a reason to use physical force. Especially in such an emotionally charged situation. I was not there, so I do not know the facts of the case. With the things I have witnessed, I tend to believe the police were at fault in this case. The best thing to do when having an interaction with the Joplin Police Department is to act passively to minimize your own victimization. If you can, have someone else film the event from a cell phone, because Joplin patrol officers often destroy video and audio evidence collected from their patrol cars and also in the city jail. This I also know from firsthand experience, and this is another indication that the problem is from the top down as only a supervisor would have the ability to destroy this type of evidence. I say these things as a former U.S. Army Infantryman, a prior law enforcement officer, a college graduate with a degree in criminal justice, and a resident of downtown Joplin.

    2. There’s not just one bad apple. Bad cops are the norm. The law enforcement profession has some SERIOUS PR and image issues right now, and JPD and the Florida PD, and other law enforcement PDs who needlessly killed or covered up senseless murder at the hands of law enforcement don’t help the profession’s image.

  9. First off, as a parent, my heart goes out to you and I’m so sorry your family was treated so disrespectful, cruel and basically like animals.
    Second of all: if that had happened to my child/family, the JPD would own absolutely NOTHING but the shirt on their back, IF THAT, after their day in the court of law.

  10. I was friends with Brooke at McAuley and have talked to her parents since the accident. I think what happened with the EMT’s was extremely cruel and unnecessary. Totally uncalled for. Brooke was such a sweet girl and I can still hear her laugh. I miss her a lot. However, it was her decision but I do think Mr. And Mrs. Russell deserve peace that the world should know the truth. Many prayers during this time.

    1. Hannah.. Was it Brooke that was also in a car accident not long before taking her own life? If so, my nephew was 1st to witness as he was driving behind her vehicle when it happened.. Some say she tried taking her own life then, but the accident wasn’t enough. Sorry about y’alls loss & hope somethin gets done about the wrongful treatment of her parent’s..

  11. Have dealt with Joplin Police on numerous ocassions and can say that they do as they please and cover up mistakes and eachothers backs. Most don’t really lnow the law but guess ass they ho and other officers help cover this up. When complaint made they refuse to tell you if or what was done. I have personaly reported to internal affairs ( mr higomnothom) I beleive was his name or close to that. When I asked what was done was just told it was taken care of and when asked what was done he just told me cant tell me. I’ve seen the police break the law and put other civilians at risk and nothing be done even when reported. THEY ACT UNTOUCHABLE. I would send account of events to our congrasmen or go to his office at Northpark Mall if still there.

  12. Im deeply sorry that you went thru not just losing your precious angel but for the police and EMT to act and say what they said…i shared your story on my fb page May God Be with you and your family…i will pray for you all

  13. Thats terrible. After what has happen to the family. There should have been no
    Reason they were locked up. They were only screaming cause of shock. The jpd had no place or right doing this. Im sorry about ur daughter she is beautiful……. God bless

  14. I am so sorry for ur loss and cant imagine going through that and the joplin pd acting that way well yah i can they falsely acuse and charge people everyday ive had several false tickets and paid several hundreds even a few thousand dollars getting them took care of by an attorney and fines i do pray this all gets resolved by going to the media

  15. Every police officer and the emt’s should all be fired and have charges filed against them. So sorry for how our local emergency personnel handled this situation. Praying for you and your family.

  16. I hate that this happened. My observation however is when you have to look at this from a different perspective.

    Lets say that your son was a police officer and had been notified that someone was bringing a gunshot victim to the police station. They arrive, the officer (your son) doesn’t know who the people are, he doesn’t know if they are the ones that shot the injured person and he doesn’t know if you are armed or not. The people rush out of the car screaming and obviously upset. It doesn’t do anyone any good for the police or the EMS to get excited….they are trained to stay calm to assess the situation. One of the EMS staff is trying to obtain information as to what happened so they can better assess their patient. Instead of answering….the traumatized parent is yelling at him about taking care of the wounded patient. The other EMS staff are there but they are worried that the (understandably) upset people who brought this person who was shot may try to harm them. Then they determine that the injured person had died. They know that a gun was involved. The gun may still be loaded and in the hands of someone who is not currently thinking straight. They may start shooting again….either shoot themselves from overwhelming grief, or shoot the messenger.

    The police and the EMS only have the information that is relayed and it is often not completely accurate. You have my complete sympathy and I hope that everyone involved has learned from this. The City needs to drop the charges and the parents need to forgive. I have a very hard time criticizing the police and the EMS when they have no idea when someone mentally unstable is going to put their life at risk. Just ask the family of Tim Nielsen.

    1. Now after the fact u know the circumstances and u can rectify this families anguish by dropping all charges against then and letting them deal with their grief in peace. Why don’t u? Jpd should.

    2. The 911 operator who took the call had to know it was the parents calling this example ypu give doesn’t fit with the story giving by the father…the emts and the police over reacted…emotions do run high especially in the situation…the emts and the cops should have already known what they was going to b dealing with if the 911 operator passed on all the information needed which I doubt. Clearly communication and lack of training on joplins part the cops emts and 911 operator. You must work for them obviously

      1. Not everyone who calls 911 is cool, calm, and collected. The 911 operator isn’t qualified to say “Oh….it is ok….they are not the ones that shot her…trust me.”

    3. The only thing I feel is wrong about this comment is that Mr. Russell only yelled after the EMT had let his daughter fall off the gurney.

    4. Everyone needs to remember that charges are officially filed from a city/county attorney’s office. If they feel there is enough evidence to charge, they do. EMS has nothing to do with that.

      And the father doesn’t give any account of what he did, which means you all are getting upset from a one-sided story. In addition, it’s sad that the father is attacking this issue publicly (he will have time to do so in court). Instead he could use his voice to go after the issue of teen suicide, a much more important issue.

      As for cops, if you are “suspect” of them until they prove otherwise, I hope they treat you like a suspect until you prove otherwise.

      1. Geesh…… I know this family….. this happened back in March – they have been in and out of court with the city making claims that they will “fix” things – yet have done nothing. As for what they did…… the father screamed when his daughter fell off the gourney and told the EMTs to ” do their f**king job” the son did nothing stand in shock. Im sure emotions were running high, they screamed, yelled, cursed and pleaded for help. Police reports and EMT reports filed were full of lies and, regardless of being told this would be remedied, the situation continues. FYI…Im the mother of an officer who also says this wad handled totally inappropriately. EMTs are to treat the patient, not try to investigate any “potential crime” as was done n this case.

        1. Since you know the family and so much about this incident, please tell me how she fell off the cot. It’s all but impossible for a patient to fall off the cot inside an ambulance.

    5. Yes! This story is one sided and full of holes! I’m not saying either side is right or wrong but I have a lot of questions I need answered before making that judgement!

    6. A friend – thank you for the level headed rely. You are so correct in stating that the EMT’s didn’t know exactly what had happened. No one thinks clearly when there has been a tragedy in the family and they (EMT’s) had no way of knowing if one of them was carrying a gun, or who might be high and so on.

    7. Agreed that we have to consider BOTH sides. As a parent, i understand the screaming, emotions and pleading to help that kevin and his family exhibited. This is a natural reaction to a tragedy such as this. I also have a nephew on the Joplin PD and my son is a part time officer in another town, as well as a fire fighter and first responder, so i also see and understand the other side. I do not feel that anyone is ” corrupt”here or that police officers are “bad”…. what i feel has happened from everything i have heard is that EMTs were taking on the role of police officers…… investigating a “potential crime” when they should have been tending to the victim, in this case brooke, while the police officers asked the questions and determined what happened. Then The russells could have given the requested info while knowing their daughter was being treated immediately rather than lying on the concrete getting no assistance. I dont feel charges were necessary once they found that kevin, Brant nor Julissa had anything to do with Brookes incident…. and kevin and his son should have been released immediately upon finding NO weapon on them and allow them to go be with Julissa and brooke in her final moments. Any further information could have been gathered later, if needed. This is all a lack of training in how to handle highly emotional events such as this… a litle empathy and understanding should be expected.

    8. I disagree with you. What is the chances of a dad or son wanting to hurt any police officer or EMT that is there to hopefully help your daughter/sister? Well if I want help with something, I don’t pull a gun out. The story didn’t say she died there on the gaurney/ground. You have this child who is on the brinks of seeing the other side. You (father/brother) WOULD be extremely overwhelmed with emotions. Sad emotions, grief, angry at yourself emotions. Most of these, while they are happening at the very peak of the excitement, you (father/brother) have one thing on your mind. “WE HAVE TO GET HER TO THE HOSPITAL! WE HAVE TO GET HER HELP!” Those other emotions won’t be thought about until later when everything sinks in. It’s absolutely crazy for the EMT to treat the father the way he did. I would like to see that EMT in the same situation. So the father was suppose to stay calm and sit in the car and say “Okaaaaay, are we ready to take her to the hospital now. I know everything is going to be just peachy fine” Yeah go a head and tell me you would act this way. If so you are heartless and cold. I have watched SOOOOO MANY videos, many also from the start of the situation, and there are so many cops that are trained in this new way of life of an American that we are the bad people. ALL OF US CITIZENS. How else would police officers treat a 97 yr old man the way they did. I read in so many of these posts about what police have done to them and it’s true. It’s not just Joplin. I have probably lived in about 15 states in my life and although most of them were as a child, I have lived in 5 of them as an adult. You will get the same results just about anywhere you go. I don’t think you should think of police officers as horrible people but I do think you need to look at them like any other stranger nowadays and evaluate the situation on a minute to minute basis. Most of you probably just saw yesterday the video that made it to the news about the officer that pulled over a family for bad tags. Yes the gentleman got out of his car and was screaming at the officer. (Not good to do, this did probably start the altercation) BUT, the officer went about the situation totally wrong. So you have this father (obviously not the richest, as they are in a trailer court. I lived in plenty, not saying thats a bad thing) who is upset that he got pulled over (probably as soon as he saw the lights come on, he saw food coming off his dinner table) and he wrongfully gets out and yells. I get that. That is still NOOOOOO reason to have the wife and (I think) 14 yr old son to all lay down on the ground and have a taser pointed at their heads. What did the other two do that was wrong. And if you listen to the video, a girl says that there are two babies in the truck too. And then he pulls the guy by his waist off the ground where arms and feet aren’t touching and yelling at him to stand up. Rediculous. Sorry I got off on that one. In that situation, there were wrongs on both sides but still the officer outweighed the civilian 10xs by the way him and his family was treated. Also, these officers are getting quite upset about all of us recording everything. This officer went over and took a phone out of someones hand (they were calling more cops, cause they didn’t like this one) and just tosses it over to the side of the road. WOW! I bet he doesn’t treat his multi-hundred dollar devices that way. At least I hope not. NOW ON A BETTER NOTE. I just got pulled over for bad tags myself. We just moved here over a year ago and I thought my husband would have gotten 2 year tags like we always have in Missouri. Well in this state, Montana, they only have one year and permanent. Which I have the permanent now, so no more worries. hehe. Also, we moved from the rental that we first got when we got here and so we didn’t get the renewal notice. The highway patrol officer was very polite, and treated me very well. There was NOTHING wrong with our encounter. All I have to say is record, record and record some more. I wish this family the best. I truly hope they can find the peace they need. Like many have said, they don’t know the whole story and I know how the fisherman that caught a one pounder actually caught a 15 pounder by the time he reaches town. I do believe with all my heart though that things did not go well that night and could have been done with so much more respect for a father who is about to lose his teenage daughter. So sad. What we need in this country is prayer. Good old fashioned prayer. Good prayer, lots of prayer. And prayer for everybody, not just yourselves. We all need GOD in our lives. It’s why everything is going crazy, because no one believes anymore. I believe. And I believe we can make a difference if we turned off our t.v.’s and got out into our communities and become a part of it like it used to be. So much more could get done. God bless you all, the ignorant and knowing. Put your faith in God and he will enlighten you.

  17. I am soo sorry for not only your loss but the treatment you and your family were dealt after. We no longer live in Joplin and that was due to the tornado of 2011 but, I will tell you that while we did live there we too encountered several of Joplin’s so called finest police officers in action. I don’t know what you can do to change the attitude of the department but you cant stop fighting. When you stop fighting they have won and nothing will change.

  18. Joplin PD are not the brightest and have no clue when it comes to dealing with the public. I was 71/2 months pregnant and was in a traffic accident. When officer arrived on scene he was more focused on searching the car because we were young and they thought we looked like stoners. I had accidentally stepped on the prescription bottle for my prenatal vitamins so I had them in a ziplock bag as I was going to stay the night with my sister in law. Long story short cop found the bag. Asked who they belonged to. I claimed them. He slammed me up against car (stomach). He cuffed me and told me it was a federal drug offense b/c they were not in the prescription bottle. My ex husband called his mom and aunt who pulled up in a new Cadillac with lawyer on the phone. The cop then warned me that I violated the law. He in cuffed me. I went into preterm labor that night. The Dr. Was furious that the officers did not get medical attention for me at the time of the accident. They are complete idiots! Not much faith in them.

    1. It is not against the law the have pre-natal vitamins out of their prescription bottle, pre-natal vitamins are not a controlled substance. Who did he think he was to slam a pregnant woman against a car? You went into pre-term labor, were they able to stop the labor or was your baby born early? Was the accident very serious or was the slam against the car what caused the labor? You have every right to file a lawsuit against that gung-ho police officer.

      Sounds like you guys need a clean sweep at the jail and I’m not talking about the prisoners. What a shame. How does this level of corruption happen? Who is the head honcho that has allowed this level of gangster mentality to take over the department. Looks like it’s time to vote for a new sheriff and hopefully a clean one that will get rid of the bad cops.

      If enough people start to file lawsuits then something will have to change.

      1. Any medication out of its original bottle is considered a controlled substance in Jasper County. Jasper County Police are trying so hard to get more money from the government for meth arrest they will pin anything on you. I was in jail with a lady that was pulled over for a tail light not working, she is a cancer patient and works at the hospital. She had her cancer meds in a Tylenol bottle and they arrested her for a controlled substance. I was locked up for having a meth lab that I didn’t have and have never even done meth. I had to plead to drug paraphernalia because I could not afford an attorney.

  19. Its time to take matters in our own hands over these type of problems with our justice system- if u agree then let me know- I have an army of soldiers waiting to speak there mind’s on the same thing that has happen to u all- this is not the first time this has happen- the police is scared shit less of military personal and vets, it has happen to many times in the same place and its time for it to stop! – my sincere apologies- tank… us army vet

  20. I am sorry for your loss & sorry that your family is receiving the typical Joplin Police Department treatment. I suggest getting a tape recorder for each car you own because now that you have begun your journey for justice you are guaranteed to be harrassed by the power struck dirty badge wearers. Sadly there are more dirty than good one at jpd

  21. It is very sad an I’m sorry for your loss , I agree someone needs to be held accountable for this an the way you an ur family was treated , And they wonder why no one trust the cops anymore an why we are afraid to call the police , seems these days the cops don’t help , don’t listen to you , its like we are bothering them , an its there job , I say if ya can’t do your job right or don’t want to deal with whatcomes with the job ddon’t become a cop , I had my kids lil kids be verbally abused by a lady in the neighborhood an called the cops they came an treated me an my kids like we where shit an like it was our fault an I straight told the cops this is why no one calls you guys anymore ur worthless an a joke , its sad that we can’t trust the cops to do there jobs just sad , will be praying for u an ur family

  22. PUT IT ALL OUT THERE!!! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. It is very sad to say that all the pds around are going to hell. They dont care unless its one of their own. NOT ALL but A LOT of them. Good lick to you and my heart breaks for your loss amd the treatment and your wife. God bless you all.

  23. I’ve also had a horrible run in with the Joplin police, and I’m a completely law abiding soccer mom. Their small city, untouchable tough guy attitudes are a disaster waiting to happen. We can only hope this horrible misjustice brings a light on a corrupt department.

  24. Sorry for your loss. As a former Ems worker, he has no right yelling a you or anyone for the matter. If you file a complaint with Ems on the Emt that yelled at you . They have to write that person up for it. It is not what we were taught to do in that type of work . The patient matters , not the other people that is for the police. And it sound like they are over stepping their boundaries. Get a attorney , and get them for what they deserve. If it mean their jobs. Your wife was left to suffer with the loss of her daughter by her self , if only for a while. It was for ever to her. Pain and suffering. Let alone you not getting to be there to say your good byes. That is hard to swallow. Again sorry , my prayers are with your family.

  25. Sorry to here about your daughter, Joplin police are into there self not the people. My sister was killed by her boyfriend and it took a hour and a half to get a warrent to get in the house while my sis layed there with a gun shot wound to the head when they finally got in the house she died at hospital and did not charge her boyfriend for her death I hate the Joplin police

  26. So terrible that a tragedy like this has to involve a police department, a police department that are there to protect and serve. I am trying to be skeptical about all this but everything points to a very gung-ho department. I feel as this family was totally wronged in this most tragic ordeal. My heart is saddened to think that while this young lady was falling off a gurney in the midst of EMT personnel that her father and brother were being treated as criminals and pepper sprayed…. Unbelievable !!! I know that a police officers job is to believe NO ONE, because trust is not in their vocabulary they fight criminals everyday but this is un-excusable and very troubling to think this may happen again if something is not done now. I hope this never happens to another person again. So sad and my heart breaks for this family. RIP Brooke you certainly have a terrific family that are fighting for answers, as they should.

  27. And this is how ridiculous our communist nation works here on the land of the red, white, and blue now days. What mattered the most at the time of this incident was the girl that was bleeding out, instead not only was our own law enforcement out of their damn minds and uniforms, but our own EMT were in the same mindset as the law enforcements ??? This comes to show who really has our children’s as well as all the good guys in our country. I know when me or anyone of my fam. members or friends or a stranger is in a life threatening medical danger that needs immediate attention I will personally get them to E.R. myself regardless what our so called POLICE say. I also want to say my thoughts and prayers have been with your family since this tragic incident happen, and God bless America !

    1. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Communism. If anything, it’s Capitalist greed that got the family into the situation they’re in. But that’s neither here nor there. (Also, keep in mind that if you bring a GSW victim to the ER, they are required by law to contact the police.)
      However, you are completely correct in stating that the young woman should have been the priority and sadly wasn’t. This whole situation was handled very poorly and with enough attention from the media, should get the family the justice and peace of mind they deserve.

  28. Sorry for your loss. I have heard a lot of complaints about JPD. I hope you contact a really good attorney AND win a huge ginormous settlement.

  29. First off, I am so sorry for your family’s loss. My Son knew your Daughter and took it very hard when we heard the news. I cannot begin to fathom losing a child, then to have to endure the JPD. Again, I am so sorry. I do hope you fight this and win! Suffice it to say I have personally seen the ways they work . Do what you need to, I am quite sure you will have many supporters. My thoughts and Prayers go out to you and yours.

  30. “An EMT turned to us to ask what happened. At that moment, my daughter fell off of the gurney, I screamed, then the EMT pointed his finger in my face and screamed at me to calm down while never turning or tending to my daughter. My son was standing next to me, being quiet and not moving. Then my son and I were pepper sprayed, locked up for three and a half hours (we were told we would be released in 20 minutes and were being charged w/ disturbing the peace)”

    That’s obviously an absolute lie. I have sympathy for their situation and losing a child, but the father could have come up with a better scenario than this. This makes the paramedics and police sound like they were scared of them just screaming… There is so much more to this fabricated story.

    1. Angelo Dickson , how do you know it’s made up … I personally have dealt with rude emt ‘s and cops who have accused me of being a drug addict or hypochondriac just because I have unexplainable pains a lot… That’s without me even asking for anything. As well as having been arrested for assault against an officer all because I lightly moved his arm when he kept telling me to go inside but wouldn’t move after I asked him nicely 3 times so I could. As for this family my heart and prayers go out to you all , and my condolences on not just the loss of your daughter Brooke, but how you all were treated then and even now. God Bless You , and may you get justice for Brooke and yourselves .

    2. Were you there ??

      Kevin Russell has no problem taking a polygraph test to prove his side of the story. Are the EMS workers and police officers involved willing ??

      Even if his story is absolutely false what purpose is being served by pushing forward with these charges other than preventing the Russell family from the healing they deserve.

      How would you feel and what range of emotions would you be expressing if this was your daughter ??

    3. Angela. I was always taught if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. Well i am sorry but you need to be set straight. You obviously dont know Kevin and his family. I do!! This is not a fabricated story as you say. Kevin is a fine upstanding man that was thrust into a horrible situation. Are you telling me that if this was your daughter and you rushed her to the ambulance that you would be calm, cool and collected when trying to get her to the hospital. I think not! They have been treated like dirt and couldnt even be at the hospital with his daughter when she died. This is wrong in so many ways. Do what you have to do Kevin. You and your family are still in our prayers hon!!!

    4. Your about stupid and u should be ashamed for saying what u said. They just lost their child and all u can say is that he is lieing….like i said your about stupid!!!!

    5. I recently had contact with the JPD and since then I would believe that it happened the way they say it did. The JPD is hard to believe in the actions and words they use with the public they come into contact with. It is like they hired a bunch of use-to-be bullies and use-to-get picked on in high school people who only see the badge has a way to get back at the world. They are cocky, rude, and dumber then a box of rocks.

  31. Kevin sorry I was out of town and unable to attend Brooke’s service. Please know myself and my family is always here for you and your family. Love you cuz!

  32. Sorry for your loss and experience. A little over a yearl ago Joplin PD and Cox ambulance services left my two young children in front of the grey hound bus stop. The kids were with grandpa who was taken to hospital by emt and who requested the kids go hospital. A friend passed by the scene and recognized his vehicle and called my kids Dad…luckily we were close by and found our kids before anything more tragic happened. After several reports the JPD asked me to stop complaining and that nothing would be done about it and they blamed Cox.
    I believe every thing your telling us

    1. I’m calling BS. First, Cox ambulance does not operating in Joplin. The closest Cox unit is in Dade County.

      Aside from that, I have serious doubts either the ambulance, JPD, or JFD would allow kids to be left anywhere.

  33. My mom was murdered by her boyfriend two years ago this coming october . Joplin police ruled it a suicide because she had more gunshot residue on her hands than he did . That would be immpossible for that to be true if he was suppossed to be in the other room when this happened so i understand how you feel bout being let down . Im sorry for your loss and will pray for your family .

  34. Unfortunately we here in Joplin yes we have issues, however you are right as much as I don’t want to admit it, about a year ago I was working at Souls Harbor as their main cook, as I was outside at the time talking with another worker and was rudely interupted by one of the meth heads that they let live there who obviously had just used before coming into the smoke area before going into the shelter, as he had asked me for a cigarette but I don’t smoke and let him know that , at that point this guy snapped and started becoming violent as i sought to defend myself, and put him on the ground in a hand lock as someone called the poiice, when the police got there they actually drew weapons on me and ordered me to let him go, I let him go, and then they threw me up against the wall (I was wearing a red bandana at the time, and I am a 6’2 265 lb Indian, and this one cop started to slam me into a picnic table and cuff me, needless to say when they got me to the station and checked my record, and my Native American Rights Foundation lawyer showed up, and they found that I had no record and was a former BIA police officer their tune changed, the Lt. and Sgt. on duty showed they apologized profusely, I told them I wanted the apology of the officer that arrested me and the apology of the chief of police or I was suing the city for prejudice and not issuing me my miranda rights, at that all charges were dropped when they ran the other guys record he had 5 warrants out for his arrest including child molestation and assault on his wife, I told them they were the worst police dept and a joke at serving the people of the great city of Joplin!! Needless to say I walked away!! I am so sorry for your loss I know your family, and I knew who Brooke was as she was an inspiring person and tried to help all she could and saw the good in everyone!!! Blessings to you and yours as we say in the Lakota culture, Hini was’tello ichi Hoka! to the good let there be peace, and to those that aren’t only justice!

    1. I was recently arrested and detained for 19 hours for “loitering”. I was standing on the sidewalk watching some friends skate, three officers pulled up and asked for identification. Complying I went to my car, grabbed my DL and handed it to the officer. While he ran our ID’s two other officers kept guard, hands on their guns, watching us intently. The officer returned, asked if the address on my ID was current, I told him no as I had just moved to a different town and hadn’t gotten my information updated yet. He asked for my address but I couldn’t remember it so he cuffed me, put me in the car and they took me to the Joplin jail. After about 19 hours I reached someone to bail me out, my mother. She called the police station for directions there and information on why I was held. As soon as they found out someone was on the way to get me they just let me go. I was never read my rights by anyone.

  35. Maybe it’s time NOT to fight, just to accept that things went terribly wrong. Maybe taking the classes isn’t the worst thing in the world. When a loved one dies tragically, sometimes we substitute anger for grief. At this point, nobody wins and the old saying “You can’t fight City Hall,” generally is true.

    1. ” Maybe it’s time NOT to fight, just to accept that things went terribly wrong. Maybe taking the classes isn’t the worst thing in the world. When a loved one dies tragically, sometimes we substitute anger for grief. At this point, nobody wins and the old saying “You can’t fight City Hall,” generally is true. ”

      hey your an IDIOT shut up!

  36. I’m so sorry what your family has had to endure. First of all, my prayers go out to you and your family, dealing with the tragic loss of your beautiful daughter would be more than enough for one family to deal with. When you throw the way you were all treated by the police department on top of it, well, it’s horrendous. You lost precious last minutes with your daughter because of over-zealous policemen.

    I had posted on a friends Facebook page that I find it suspicious that you would be treated so harshly, as your daughter falls of the gurney. Is your and your son’s arrest to help cover up negligence on the part of the paramedics, for not securing your daughter on the gurney? They allowed her to fall, and I would have screamed too if my dying daughter fell off a gurney, I would have screamed and I would have ran toward her to help her. For them to charge you with anything for acting like any parent would is beyond horrific.

    I urge you to get a civil attorney and sue the EMT’s and the Police department. I usually am against lawsuits, because most of them I feel are a situation where both parties are at fault, but in this case, the people that were supposed to be strong, calm and in control lost their senses, over-reacted and abused their power, causing you to miss precious moments with your daughter and missed being there to help console your wife, who had to sit there alone while her daughter was dying.

    God bless you guys, I hope and pray you find some resolution to this. I know your daughter is gone, but I hope that these departments that have so much control over every person that has an emergency are called up to account for their behavior on that tragic day.

  37. I have had a couple situations with JPD and they are above the law! I too had a run in with mr. higginbotham who falsely arrested me! And had a cop tell me when he gave me a ticket that there was not a lawyer in town who would take a speeding ticket case against him! Lmao whatever! Had another cop drive by my house one day and I waved at him and he stared at me like I was a serial killer and did not wave back! What happened to protect and serve? JPD has no respect for the citizens of Joplin and no matter who you are it is guilty until proven innocent! And don’t dare ask a question or try and dispute something with them even if you are calm and totally friendly in doing so or they will call backup and you will go to jail! Police in Joplin are not your friends! My advice is say nothing to cops! And sue their asses! FTP!

  38. This just goes to show how low down a dirty cops are, especially in southwest Missouri! How could you be so cold a callous when this family just lost a gift from God! I hope the asshole cops lose their jobs and they sue the hell outta Joplin PD and whoever else was responsible! I hope god makes them pay in hell for eternity! Disgusting and makes me ashamed to tell people I’m actually from a town like that where the police are worse than the gang bangers murders and even rapist!!! Thank God I got outta there years ago and raising my child in Vegas which is a damn sight better than southwest miso pyro, a giant sess pool!!

  39. Brooke would not have wanted this…. She avoided conflict and wouldn’t want any of this to happen. Brooke taught me that you can obey the rules without surrendering. Brooke was such a wonderful person, but a private one. I know she would not want this to be a public matter. I know she also would not like to be the poster child for this battle. I hate it for the family and wish we could just have Brooke back. But sadly that is not an option. This has gone to far and out of respect for Brooke it should be dropped. I’m sorry to anyone this offends. I am offened because instead of remembering the greatness of my best friend we are focusing on to the anger of not having her and displacing it. It’s understandable, but would make Brooke very sad.

  40. God bless you. What an overwhelming pain you must feel. I am so very sorry. I would love to pass your story on…Good luck. I Pray you find some peace

  41. I’m so sorry for your loss. It truly is a tragedy what happened that night and the officers and medics that caused you grief should be punished.
    That being said,
    JPD is a public service force putting their lives on the line every day. They are a phone call away, yet everyone hates the police so much. You imbeciles. Imagine a world where there was nobody to arrest and prosecute the shit bag that raped your daughter, or kidnapped your son, or stop someone from stealing all of your shit. Why hate the police? Brave men and women that choose to serve you. HEROES.
    I love the police, and I am so glad I have JPD a phone call away. Thank you to those who serve the public. You are appreciated by many, and hated by many. The ones that hate you are the ones that you arrest on a daily basis. Joplin loves JPD.

  42. All the negative comments for JPD and the EMS community!!! Most of these people work 10-24 hour shifts everyday to say lives and keep you safe. And they don’t complain. During the post-tornado searches they worked nonstop for days on end until everyone was accounted for. Because that’s what they do. Not every life can be saved and not every call runs smoothly, especially with hysterical family members interfering with emergency personnel. Before you ask for their heads, why not wait and see what the other side has to say. Being an editorial this is a completely one-sided account. How about getting some facts from someone who was not hysterical after the loss of a child.

    1. lots of people worked day in a day out to find people after the tornado. They were not getting paid or complaining. We do it because we care, because it was our family, our friends, our neighbors. Obviously you r ignoring the facts or think that all of these people r lying . You r the one being one sided.

    2. Um yeah JPD was great after tornado except when they and the other first responders were caught looting from liquor store and Home Depot! Joplins finest at work there!

  43. I just wonder if any of this took place were camera’s could record all it. It happened at the police department lot, so surely there will be evidence supporting these allegations. Never saw a police dept. that DIDN’T have cameras all over the place. This might enlighten and strengthen this families plight for justice.
    I keep thinking about this situation, that this father called 911 and was told a ambulance was waiting for them at the police station, why then, if the JPD knew what happened, and knowing that these family members were desperately trying to get her help, why would they treat them like common criminals. Pepper sprayed???? This poor mans daughter was on that gurney, HIS DAUGHTER !!!! There needs to be a thorough investigation as to WHY, the JPD AND the EMT, felt they needed to be pure rednecks by making a very bad nightmare, become a even worse nightmare. Its so apparent that sensibility training needs to be practiced and enforced !! They knew what was going down, why for the love of god, did they not get the necessary help instead of chaining a father and a brother to a bench while their daughter /sister was dying in the hospital. God bless this family , I know you have a long road ahead of you, and it looks like you have a ton of supporters, so use them, use all you can to heal your hearts.

  44. The JPD are idiots… and more so since the tornado.. They have too many officers now and way to much time on their hands and never deal with the serious issues that we have here. One night a group of us were walking home from the bar and they stopped us literally on the sidewalk beside my house. Twenty question later they let us go.. We are responsible well dressed guys, short hair, casual looking men. Not yelling or running nothing. We walk home instead of driving drunk. I told the main officer that stopped us, that I think your time and my tax dollars would be better spent at the crank apartment a block down… the back up officer smiled and nodded his head yes… they are stupid little **** men that need to prove they are men…

  45. Contact the ACLU. They are good about handling things of this nature and the people involved deserve to be held accountable. I can’t imagine how I would have been acting.

  46. This is absolutely inexcusable. You & your family have been wronged in a way that in my opinion is a perfect example of being kicked when you’re down. Too many times have we seen police forces getting away with things that are extremely inappropriate and this should not be allowed to happen. My heart & thoughts go out to you and your family. I too have been wronged in my life by police forces and most recently decided to fight back and hire a lawyer. I did in fact win this case and I encourage others to do the same. We have so many rights & freedoms that are constantly trampled on with no action being taken to stop this from happening. I truly wish you the best and pray that you continue to pursue proper justice for this tragic incident.
    A loyal supporter

  47. to all of you saying not all cops are bad, your right, their not, but for the most, and I mean a large part of them run around with their chest out thinking whatever they say goes, hiding behind that badge, you and them couldn’t be more wrong, they work for the people, never forget that, we pay their wages, and yet, they have that better than you attitude, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, jacking people up over some dumbass reasons instead of looking for real criminals. those of you that think this is an isolated incident, and that the police are doing their best, and cant see how wrong this is, you are blind to the real world, its sad but this happens everyday, and no one will do anything to change it. sure someone might get their hand slapped, I doubt it, but it will continue to happen all over the united states !

  48. How come no one ever questions and criticizes every little move the supposed “victim” makes? Like why is this guy loading up a gunshot victim in a car and driving to the police station? For that’s just not normal behavior. Two, what are the police gonna do for a medical issue anyway? How about call 911 to begin with? And why would someone thats obviously mentally unstable have access to firearms anyway? Were they kept in the house unsecure? Sounds like someone is just blaming others for a situation that took years to create and expected to be fixed in an instant by others.

    1. Joe Bob…….. they went there cuz the 911 dispatcher told them to. The called 911 and were told to go to the police station and a ambulance would be waiting for them.

  49. Well this is one side of the story. Police reports are public record lets post them and see the other side. There is a lot more that went on that night that has not been mentioned at all. It was a terrible situation no doubt but that does not give people the excuse to do whatever they want. Find out the whole story before bashing the police and remember if you think you can do better then apply, they have openings.

  50. I am sorry for your loss, and bad treatment. I saw this on face book and will pass this on. I haven’t lived in Joplin in years. I totally believe your story, police think they are above everyone else. Police are not much better any where else. This corruption recently happened at Jacksonville, Beach Fl. A good friend of mine was assaulted in a beauty salon, and the police wrote the report as if she attacked the owner. They wrote a false report full of lies and now an upstanding citizen is being charged with two felonies and she was the victim .

  51. I am truly sorry for the families loss I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child, nor do I want to. This accounting of that night sounds very different from one I read soon after that night, that was presumably also written by the father. In the one I read the father and son admit to being much more verbal, talks about a neighbor’s opinion, and mentioned nothing about the daughter falling off the gurney. There is two sides to a story, if not more. I’d be interested to hear what the police and ems workers had to say. My family has not had a negative experience with the jpd, or ems. So while this story does not have my support, the family has my sympathy.

  52. Talk to william flyshsker in Joplin he has sued the city before no other attorney will want to handle your unfortunate problems.

  53. First and foremost, I truly pray for you and your family in this troubling time. I know how SOME of these officers in the JPD work. I got jumped one night by a guy leaving a bar, as I was walking. When the officer pulled up this man was on top of me trying to bash my face in. The officer pulled up and seen what was happening. The guy jumped off of me layed down on his stomach and said I was to blame. I didn’t get a chance to speak, the officer cuffed me pressed his knee into the back of my head. Needless to say I got arrested. So, yea something needs to be done to clean up JPD!

  54. I feel sorry for the family that lost their daughter but this story doesn’t make sense at all. I know there are bad cops out there but seems like the dad is downplaying what his reaction was and there are pieces of the story missing.

  55. I do not live in Joplin but I have to say, I do not believe this STORY one bit. I use to live in that area. I did several ride alongs with JPD several years ago. All the officers I met were extremely professional. They did their job and did it well from the looks of it. Why would an ambulance meet you at the Police station?? Even if this did happen I’m sure your daughter didn’t fall off the board. Second, I’m sure you didn’t just stand there screaming. If the prosecutors office is filing charges then I’m sure you aren’t completely innocent. Quite bashing the cops. Someday they might have to save your ass then you won’t have the same attitude.

  56. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sadly, the Joplin Police Department has cultivated a reputation for misuse of authority for at least the past decade. The stories go back to my high school days & I continue to hear them to this day.

    The consistency of this problem appears not to point to a few bad apples on the beat, but an ingrained culture of poor performance. JHS must do better.

  57. Why haven’t you contacted an attorney? If what you are sharing is factual, you certainly have reason to pursue charges against both parties (EMT and Police Department).

    1. I was caught up with some bull-sh-t once here in Iowa, and the cops falsely arrested me, once I was let go, I called a LAWYER, and this is what he said “oh, you have a case alright, but if I take this and we win, and we will, we will both have to move out of state !” so much for getting a lawyer.

  58. Joplin police are so patetic!! Im not living in joplin but i get pull over in monett MO and it was a sheriff officer from jasper county and we are in barry county so this guys arreste me and give 4 tickets for drinking and driving but i was drinking water he use overforce and tried me like a criminal but i let the camaras recorde everything. I know of some point that video its goint to be loss for whatever reazon. The police is for protec and serve. No for use excesive force just because they have a badge they can do what ever they want and they can said what ever they want becuase they are the LAW.
    Not fair!!!

  59. So sad…I got to meet Brook a few times. She was such a sweet girl…I’m heartbroken to hear of how your family is being treated….prayers to you all

  60. i am so sorry your family was put through this and for your loss. anyone would have screamed and been angry about something like this happening. your daughter should have been the main concern of the e.m.t’s on duty that night. your were at the police station for heavens sake.,and it was their job to give her the best care possible. the ambulance should have been sent to your home,but in a situation like this,it would have been natural reaction to scoop her up and start driving. who knows what reaction a person has when they are totally shocked. the police can trump charges if they want,and the chief should have questioned the officer,and the whole thing should have just been dropped due to the situation. your baby was critical,and they were supposed to be there to help. the judge,the d.a. and those involved with this case should have an understanding of what shock does to a person,what a crisis can do to a person. the e.m.t. was out of his line of duty in the first place,and they should have known these factors also,told the officer you needed to be at the hospital where they could help you also.this is a lack of training,and skill at a professional level,it wasn’t you,or your son. God bless you and your family. i hope and pray this works for you.

  61. The people that say there are two sides may be right, but then sometimes overcompensate by taking a position that the cops / emergency service workers are always right.

    There are indeed a lot of people who go into law enforcement with ideals of justice in their hearts and try to do a good job. There are also a lot of people in law enforcement who are attracted to the authority or who become too comfortable with it over time, and others who fall prey to pre-judging people they encounter. Just as ER personnel often assume that anyone poor with pain complaints or a psych history is “drug-seeking”. It’s not right, but we give those people some room because we understand their jobs are high-stress and high-pressure and we try to draw attention to those issues when we can so that they can be corrected.

    Just as we give police/doctors/etc. that kind of room, it does seem a little ridiculous that they would not turn around and give this father and son some room in recognition that grief and trauma may lead to unpredictable behavior. Even if dude was yelling and cursing at emergency personnel, if he’s been controlled does it really have to keep going? More than one side to the story or not, it can be dropped.

    The person above who indicates that anyone who finds cops abusive is a coward has never been at the receiving end of an unfair situation to know what it’s like. There’s a lot of good cops, but not all of them. Far from it. The whole reason internal affairs exists in many department is to help regulate and control those kinds of issues. It doesn’t always work the way it’s supposed to in smaller departments where everyone knows each other, but the point is if there weren’t abuses, there would be no need for internal affairs to exist. It’s not a black and white issue, except in reference to the paint job on the cars.

  62. This story is so twisted and completely UN-TRUE !!!! I know first hand by specific ppl on scene that day …AND she DOS ..Dead on scene …nice try though crazy guy !

    1. Completely and utterly untrue ..this guy is just wanting sympathy for an event that occured , that was out of everyone’s hands …she was dead on scene way before the hospital. I feel for him , but trying to stir up untrue stories about those who were helping to the best of their ability, is not the best way to get sympathy …

    2. Megan…… first off, learn proper grammar. FIRST HAND means you were there seing it with your own eyes. so you dont know it FIRST HAND< you haerd it – second hand, just like the rest of us lol NO ONE immediately involved is saying the PD is corrupt or anything else. I have never once heard those words from kevin or his family. What i DO hear is that the situation was handled VERY poorly – and it was! I am the mother of a police officer and firefighter, the aunt of a JOPLIN police officer…….I respect and admire all our civil servants for the sacrifices they make for the citizens, but we are all only human, and in THIS instance, they failed and handled things poorly. There is no need to be so crude and cruel to the family who is simply trying to move on with their lives after their loss without the threat of charges being filed. This story IS true, i have witnessed other departments do the same to ppl simply for screaming, cursing, etc…..

    3. Ok.! For one don’t call a grieving father crazy. Bc I’m sure anyone in his situation would not be perfect but that doesn’t make him crazy. You have no idea what you’re talking about to call him out and say he’s lying about such a horrific event. You should be ashamed of yourself and go repent! I know this family very well and you are just putting your two cents where it is not needed. Have you lost a child? Better yet have you been in this situation? If not then shut your mouth.! And god knows you need prayers so with that said I’m gonna pray for you to get some sense! Good day!

  63. Unfortunately, In Joplin and most towns across the nation Police officers are so under paid for the job that they do. With the risk factor involved, and the broad array of situations they would be thrust into. Some of the persons, applying for the positions, do it for the glory and have GI JOE syndrome. Want to be a tuff guy, and be in charge. Unprepared for what may arise in the daily situations, they often react poorly. Probably overwhelmed and under qualified for the event. Think about it if you were exposed to their experiences in one week at your job??
    In reality they almost need a degree in phycology, at the very least.. who can afford that at, for that pay? So sorry for your loss and for the few unprepared police on all departments in all towns in our great country. More education and more pay may decrease some of these occurrences of these tragedies . but we
    will never totally be free of problems…….

  64. My deepest condolences on the death of your daughter.
    Joplin PD are not professional in there interactions with the public they are supposed to serve. I called one to a church I was active in about a car parked in our lot that was going to be swept by the same citys works dept. Let’s just say rude, arrogant, no active listening skills. You would have thought he was called to a shoot out!
    If the traumatic stress level symptoms were evident in my situation then God help anyone found in your awful situation! Sue away. My prayers are with you.

  65. I recall reading the father’s account of the incident shortly after his daughter’s death and I remember a very different version than this article portrays. As I recall he admitted in the first story he was out of control yelling and trying to get to his daughter (understandable I know) and after his son joined in with him the police asked him to stand down, when he didn’t they forcibly stopped the father and son. There was also no mention in this recollection that a gun, reportedly the gun she was shot with, was found in the car with them – it was in the first article I read. . As for his wife being alone, in the first version of the story he reported her father picked her Up and took her to the hospital because the car was technically part of the crime scene so she was not completely alone. A 911 call can be placed and any story can be told on the phone. When a gunshot victim and a hysterical family with a gun shows up in front of the police station I think the police have a right to do what they must to contain the situation. Seems like this story has changed dramatically in the last few months.

    1. the story has not changed, he has simply abridged it to try to get the main facts out without ppl having to read a book lol he freely admits he was screaming, cursing and trying to help his daughter when others didnt. Kevin had not hidden anything, but i still dont see how that constitutes assault and being pepper sprayed, etc. I feel this was a highly emotional event for all involved and was handled poorly by ALL, mostly by our professionals who are supposed to be trained in this sort of incident. However, once the facts were out, are we so UNcaring of a nation that we cant sypathize and understand WHY a parent would be screaming, crying, cursing and pleading for someone to help? Surely the city can overlook that reaction when there was no violence involved, just screaming and cursing by very distraught parents

  66. I know cops are bad and lie ! one of my buddies in a small town , the Purcell cop in 2009 new years eve was shooting his gun off the back porch into the ground . the cop arrested him , confiscated the gun he fired plus took his keys and unlocked a locked guncabinet and took allthe guns out and put them in his trunk of the police car , then came back in and searched his house for any remaining guns , ammo , clips . the cop made him do a sobriety tests on the ice and snow telling him I know your drunk ! whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty . he was below legal drunk , he the cop took him to jail even while gunshots were ringing off all around him . he got out of jail and the cop came back on his property and picked up rounds and shells off his property , I thought you had to have a warrant to do all this ? after he got out of jail the cop left a ticket for discharging a firearm in city limits , he went to court the judge asked if anyones their that he didn’t read off their name . I guess the judge looked at it and asked the city att. why and he said his chief is remanding charges to Attempted Murder !the judge told my buddy that if he gets anymore tickets from this cop to bring it to him and told the city att. his office and police chief would be investigated , but their still their , and my buddy is a prisoner in his own home because if the cop can lie to that extent what else is he going to charge him . ive told him his constitutional rights , his civil rights were violated . so in my opinion cops need to be pyco-evaluated !

  67. Yeah…all cops are evil. They all have red eyes and breathe fire from their mouths. If you were going to fire them all, why wouldn’t you have done it before they all risked their lives rescuing and saving people in the aftermath of the tornado. Obviously I am kidding, they don’t have the capability of saving people, they are all hellspawns. I mean, marjin listed about 10 stories over a period of a couple years of bad things that have happened with cops. He either has a filter on the numerous good stories or it doesn’t fit his argument so he chooses to ignore them. There were not many good stories involving the gestappo since you made comparisons.

    Has this media site done any investigating, or just type up the words of the father and publish them? I realize that it is not human nature to lie/fabricate/sensationalize/fib/leave out facts, etc., and nobody has ever done it before, but could this be the first time in history?

  68. Wow
    im from london england
    Down the years i’ve spent some time in joplin
    Im fully aware of how corrupt and unprofessional jpd is
    Its quite scary to experience to be honest, their lawless

  69. Oscar – So because you called pulled over by a Jasper County Sheriff’s officer and given a ticket, so that mean the Joplin Police Department sucks?!?! Your logic is impeccable. Try this on for size – I once saw a rabbit run over by a car, so therefore you are an idiot.

  70. I am so sorry to hear about ur loss. Its sad and mind blowing that the so called cops and EMT workers here in Joplin are so pitiful. Actually they have been that way for as long as I can remember. It amounts to that they are all completely worthless and a waste of air that flies and roaches could be breathing. At least flies and roaches have some brains. Its been proven that Joplin hires all of the rejects that can’t make it as officers anywhere else. Remember, they leave a lot of people to die instead of saving lives. They murdered Paul Cox in 2003 and got away with it.

  71. Mr Russell, So very sorry to hear of your family’s tragedy. At the worst possible time in your life, you were denied compassion. I no longer live in MO but as a past EMS provider for the area, I am so sad to hear of the decline in the quality of service. In regard to the handling of your daughter, Had she been secured to the cot and monitored per protocol, she would not have fallen. The state Health department needs to look into the care your daughter received and see if regulations were broken. As to the officer, his performance needs to be evaluated maybe even by the Civil Service Commission. Please don’t stop until all of your questions are answered. I am sorry that none of this will restore your daughter to you But you deserve peace I’ll keep you in prayer as you seek answers.

  72. wow ….yes i would say joplin poice are not the finest. although emotions do run high in a siuation like that. i also have in the past had many bad encounters with them. was young but not a criminal. which in several different occasions they treated me like one. well like one time this was more a funnier one…. i went to a house party did not drive beacuse i did not want to drink and drive. i had had a couple drinks needed some air went outside and fell on some ice(this was in the winter any who for some reason emt and police where about a block away(from the house not sure why) and saw me fall. that night i was locked up for public intoxication none of my friends knew where i was it was not a good night!!!!!!

  73. I would have screamed even if my child didn’t fall off the gurney. Who wouldn’t as a parent???? And if my child fell off the gurney I would have screamed my lungs out!! This is crazy and sooo wrong. The EMT should have apologized at a minimum…what were they thinking when they went off on the family? The EMT person should have lost their job!

  74. I am truly sorry for your loss. My 21 year old daughter Chelsey was killed two days after Christmas in 2011. The accident was caused by a middle aged woman who didn’t have sense enough to put her phone down while driving. She ran off the road twice before coming across a third time hitting my daughter head on. Even thought he report showed negligence and several witness gave statements, the prosecuting attorney deemed it an accident and no charges were filed. Had my 21 year old been on her phone and hit and killed someone I am sure the out come would have been different and my daughter could be behind bars. But after many calls to the prosecuting attorneys office, our state representative and the Governors office I was told it was an accident and that I needed to let it go. Easier said than done. I pray that you can get results and some justification for the way your family has been treated. I have little faith in our justice dept. God bless you and your family , I wish you peace.

  75. I know first hand that these assholes are nothing but a bunch of liars, had a run in with them while I was back there helping with the tornado clean up and working with the Joplin City Street Department. Sorry to hear about this problem you have had with them and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Also pray that you nail their hides to a wall.

  76. Kevin my heart goes out to you and your family on the loss of your daughter. I know how hard it is to go through all the pain and horrendous emotions we endure at those moments. I lost my husband in 2003 when the cop told me he committed suicide..and to this day I don’t agree with that verdict..too much has shown us different. I have gone through hell and back trying to get help on his death..but…it’s going against a “cop”…That cop is now dead as well. I know all cops aren’t bad…there are some that are decent, and true…but they are few and far between. The corruption is very heavy with alot of those I wish you better luck than I have had to get everything taken care of. But one thing I want to add…never give up!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all..

  77. This is horrible. I hope that cops realize while they think they’re helping, a lot of times they’re hurting. I know I’d be mad at the cops and EMT’s if I was looking from heaven as your daughter is and seeing them treat you like that. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope that they realize their mistakes.

  78. First let me offer you my condolences for your loss. No words can make you feel any better about what you have been through and are going through. My heart aches at what your family has had to endure during this time of grief. You should have been with your wife, consoling her, not wondering what was happening while chained to a cold cell bench.
    Second let me thank your son for his selflessness and honor to our country that he wanted to serve, and that was taken from him so quickly for whatever reason they thought was appropriate. This isn’t right and is a shame, but may be a silver lining that he was kept home to give his parents strength in their time of need.
    Third let me say you fight for your rights, you fight for your family, you fight this corrupt system that is supposed to be protecting us, you fight mostly for your daughter’s sake! You keep pushing on like you have been doing but DO NOT stay quiet about this! Let your story be known, tell it from the mountain tops! You will have many supporters! I pray that you get some peace of mind from this, your daughter is gone, but you are still here! Let your words be heard. Never stop fighting! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  79. I would like to first offer my condolences for your loss & for this tragic event. The actions of the EMT’s & the Joplin Police Department are reprehensible. I can’t imagine what your family has been through & are still going through. I work in the legal field as a Paralegal, while I can not give legal advice due to ethics, I would recommend that you contact a law firm that handles situations like the ones that you, your son & family are going through. I do know of a firm in Rogers that handles all of these issues. You may want to contact them. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers.

  80. I understand your pain your frustrations and your need to let the public now. Search Charles Roderique that’s my little brother and what you will read is a total different aspect of what really happened. The beginning of August was the thing I have ever went through. We could have conversations on the subject of the city police departments.

  81. There is too much of this story that doesn’t add up. I have years of experience in emergency services and know numerous emergency personnel in Joplin, and this doesn’t sound like any of them.

    What strikes me odd at first is that someone put the victim in a car and sped off to the hospital. In modern society this is far from typical. I’m also wondering exactly how she supposedly fell of the cot. If the cot was in the ambulance, the side rails had to have been up and standard procedures is to have all three belts secured (the wheels catch on the straps if they aren’t, causing issues loading it into the back of the ambulance). In either case, she couldn’t have just fallen off the cot.

    This is a situation where a victim of a crime was brought from the crime scene, to the police and EMT’s. That is abnormal and is going to put any emergency responder in a bad spot. If they were wound up and felt someone was being uncooperative, belligerent, or not working with them in any way, I’m quite certain they are going to appear rude. However, it’s not rudeness, it’s trying to do what they can for the victim.

    Bottom line, however, is that none of these emergency responders caused this incident. Rather, they were brought into it. They have their own demons they will have to face after such an ordeal, and those are a heavy burden upon them.

    I can certainly understand people looking for blame for such a horrible situation, but why not focus on what’s going to prevent the next kid from doing such a thing? As I recall, this was one of two teenagers who committed suicide within a week.

    1. I find this comment a bit cruel. I don’t think he was asking for your judgement. Suicide or not, they should have Been treated with respect.

      1. What is cruel about it? It’s factual. Besides, is it anymore cruel than slandering the emergency responders who tried to help this young lady?

        I might also point out, I didn’t judge anyone. It seems the me judgment in this case is coming from those who are crucifying the emergency workers without an ounce of evidence they did anything wrong.

        Unfortunately, the emergency responders can’t defend themselves due to patient confidentiality laws and regulations.

  82. I drove through Joplin a few months ago, I was arrested for my tail light being out. I spent the night in jail was treated like a criminal and it cost me $500. Joplin is a POLICE STATE. Do not ever stop in this town for any reason….

  83. I had sympathy for this guy for about a day. It has become obvious he is attempting to redirect blame for his poor parenting into the police. Has to be someone else’s fault doesn’t it? You go to te media, get your attention and sympathy but it isn’t going to make up for the REAL reason this situation happened in the first place. Man up.

    1. Blah,,,if, in fact that is your real name aka Megan, Blankman, Brain, Fair Nurse, Angelo…I believe you are the same person.
      So Blah, enlighten us, tell us what you know..I mean since you must have lived with the Russell’s and you were there when this all happened. Give us your account on what you saw with your own eyes. Man up Blah and back it up !!

      1. I think what we are all wanting to know is why Brooke ran away and then killed herself within a week… There were obvious demons in this family and it all seems a little far fetched.

  84. I can not believe some of the heartless comments on here! Why would someone call this bad parenting? Because his daughter took her own life does not mean it is bad parenting. I can not even imagine what this man went threw that night but if I God forbid had been in the same situation I would have punched the EMT. How would anyone know how they would react in a situation like that? Blah Blah Blah is a total %(^&)$ % asshole. I would go to the media myself. You dont have to like the guys story but why say such harsh things? Is there not enough bad in the world? Hasnt this guy been thru enough without running him down! His daughter was a beautiful girl and something went horribly wrong in order for her to take her life. How to you get that lonely? What happen to cause her to want to do this? So sad!

  85. Its sad that our world is so law happy that they forget natural human reaction to their tragedy especially of a child. No person was harmed except the family stricken from not just the last few moments with their dgt/sis but of their moment to be with her mom grieving alone

  86. Joplin police,Jasper County sheriff and the ems have the attitude that the are above the law they are rude and arrogant. They are the biggest liars I have ever seen, get an out of town lawyer and sue them

  87. WE ARE living in a police state, and FASCISM is right around the corner. We have passed the halfway mark in the steps that lead to Hitler’s rise to power in German in the 1920-30s and the powers that be are moving us there with gusto. When they finally come back to the gun owner registration and banning issue and finally force it down our throats regardless of what public sentiment dictates, you will see things escalate rapidly toward Martial Law and rounding up of the dissidents who think that the Constitution means something anymore. The internment camps FEMA has built all around the country will be activated and they will start trying AMERICAN CITIZENS under the laws that have been being written since 9-11-01 such as the Patriot act and the NDAA that give rights to authorities to assassinate at will for alleged terrorist acts, like me writing openly about this agenda. They don’t want you to know about it and they know that the majority of the population won’t believe it until the SHTF and people start dying left and right. These incidents such as this poor child’s death and the families grievous events will be like walking away from a train wreck…Mark my words, the writing is on the wall and tyranny is here, now. They already have “free speech zones” and “gun free zones” and domestic drone surveillance and all police and sheriff’s depts have been given militarized equipment, armored assault vehicles and weaponry to suppress crowds and riots. Why do you think the false flag attacks like Boston and Sandy Hook happen. To psychologically prepare the sheeple to accept that a police state is necessary “for our safety” All these things and so many more tell-tale signs are documented from the Nazis and we are reliving them today. Research some things to find out more: Project Paperclip, “obama vs hitler 25 signs, study your bible about end time events or Revelations, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremia and Isaiah, Learn about these things and the Crimes of the Bush Family and their ties to the Nazis, learn about the falsity of the 9-11-01 event official narrative and cover ups. We can prevent what is PLANNED and initiated, but we have to wake up enough people to this brewing storm of tyranny by the oligarchy of wealth and power. Doubt it not, for it is prophesy. The evidence is out there, but you won’t see it on CNN, FOX or MSNBC or any media…TV, newspapers, radio and most of the internet sites are owned and coverty controlled by the same powers. They don’t want you to know. Truth is like a pearl of great value, it has to be searched out at great length. Pray to Jesus Christ and give your life to him, as for wisdom and truth in His Holy name with your hearts and minds open to it. IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU, if you ask. He is leading me to write these words now, not to scare you but to help you understand. Read Ephesians 6:12 and believe in spiritual warfare, for demons are controlling our governments and those who are in authority. Believe, call on Christ for your salvation. The time is now! Share with those you love.

  88. Mr. Russell my heart truly goes out to you and your family. I can’t imagine the heartache you all must be going through with the death of your beautiful daughter and God knows that I don’t think I could handle it if something were to happen to one of my children. I’m so sorry that the police and EMT were so horribly disrespectful and never even treated you, your daughter or son with the respect you deserved not to mention they had no empathy for the pain you were going through at that moment. What person wouldn’t be upset when they are trying to save a childs life. It seems to me that they are doing what most of them are taught to do and that is to cover their butts especially when they have done something wrong. I know in my heart they have done you and your family so wrong and I know with all you are going through this may not mean much but God has your back and I strongly believe that what goes around comes around and they will pay for what they have done to you and what they are still doing. I will keep praying that God will help you and your family through this horrible situation and that justice will prevail so that you and your family can move on with your life’s and begin to heal.

  89. Mr. Russell,
    From what I’ve read you are overwhelmingly supported by the community. What happened to you that night sends me into a fury. Adding insult to injury is beyond excusable. DO NOT STOP UNTIL EVERY SOUL ON EARTH CAN REPEAT THIS TRAGEDY BY HEART! Make people sick of seeing your face and hearing your name. They are social servants, WE pay for them to be there and protect us. And they failed. We are held accountable as they should. May you and your baby girl’s soul be put at ease with true justice.

  90. I first want to start off saying your family is in my prayers . second I want to ask why would you take your child to a police station and not to a hospital and they can call the police ? I just don’t understand why a gunshot victim was taken to a police station . That sounds like that’s where things went wrong . its a very sad situation . First they had to go through the devastation of the tornado now they lose their daughter , I think Joplin is falling apart . they pulled together for a little bit after the tornado now theyre back to HATING on eachother . I’m sorry people but if that was my child dead or alive and an EMT let her fall off a gerny , I would have more than assault charges . your children are your whole world and you do what you have to do to protect them and when that fails you lose your mind and what that family has gone through is just TERRIBLE . I moved from Joplin 2 days before the Tornado and I hate that town , its not the same . Joplin as a whole needs lots of prayers , as this family does . Do not hate on people unless you have been in there shoes . Anyone who has lost a child would have acted in that same manner so if you say different your a liar . as for the Family get a good lawyer and sue sue sue theyre butts and don’t give up . Be strong and I know none of this will bring her back and I’m so very sorry . I have a Daughter her age and it breaks my heart for you to be going through this . just stand together as a family and GOD is with you . Talk to eachother and don’t be afraid to tell people your feelings about this . It shouldn’t matter what you said that night , you should of never been separated from your Daughter and put in jail , but in the end those who have wronged you KARMA will come to them , I promise you that . KARMA has a funny way of coming back around . Keep your heads held high and surround yourselves with positive people and pray and never give up til you get your justice ….

    1. Let me give you a little insight into the emergency services aspect. If he loaded her in a car and took of, then called 911, the dispatcher is going to try to get him to stop so that emergency crews can get to the patient to provide care to the patient. If they refuse to stop, the next step is to have them report to a public place, either a fire, ambulance, or police station.

      Not only is the police headquarters downtown a police station, it is also a fire station. The ambulance station is about 4 blocks away. It is an easy to find location that has people right there to provide care.

      There are fire stations all around the city, each one having EMT’s (you must be an EMT to be a firefighter in Joplin). Leaving the scene often puts you farther away from medical attention.

      The fact is, a civilian in the part of town where this occurred CANNOT get to the hospital faster than what EMS can be to the scene. A citizen CANNOT make it to the hospital faster than an ambulance, as the citizen does not have lights/sirens to facilitate a rapid response. Had he tried to speed, run stop signs/signals, or anything else illegal and been caught, the first thing that LE would have done would have been to call and ambulance and hold him there.

  91. My heart goes out to you having to deal with such a corrupt organization as JPD. I’m the grandmother of Braxton Wooden who was murdered while in state of mo. custody in 2005. The lies that they told and the way they covered up the guardian ad litem being busted with cocain while making decisions about what was in the best interest of the children is just the tip of the iceburg. Good luck finding an attorney if that’s what u choose to do because the are all in bed . No one should have to endure this vicious gang at a time like you did and again my heart goes out to family and loved ones.

  92. Have you started a petition on You should. Collect all the signatures and then file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office. The petition will show them that you are getting the word out there and have a lot of support. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  93. This sounds like a story for Geraldo Rivera in “Geraldo at Large”, and channel 2 works for you! I’m so sorry to hear such a tragic thing has happened to your family. My prayers are with you!

  94. What a story you have shared here, no one can imagine how you felt then and ongoing.
    Your treatment was uncalled for, someone should lose their job(s) after you have released this story.
    God bless you and hold you tight in his hands.

  95. So sorry for your loss. I can understand if you were out of control when your daughter died, I know I did when my daughter died. I would bring suite against the EMT for allowing her to fall off the gurney. Remember to take care of your self.

  96. I’m so very sorry about Brooke and the events that followed. Working at a Joplin hospital, I’ve had many interactions with METS EMT’s .I would say 99% of them are disrespectful, crass and unprofessional, at best. They deal with highly emotional situations all the time and I’m sure have had training for these exact situations. I was not surprised to hear how they treated you. The cops were there to do their job, the EMT’s should have focused only on Brooke. They are trained to assess, care for the patient and ask what happened simultaneously. Turning their backs on her is outrageous. The actions of JPD are ridiculous , also. Don’t pay attention to these negative comments on here. People are just plain stupid. I hope this is resolved, in your favor, soon. I admire your courage to get this out and having to replay that awful night over and over. God Bless the Russell family.

  97. is a great place for you to go. This will be a great avenue for you to obtain support, by the signatures of many that support you, and are appauled by the way you and your family were treated. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  98. I’m so sorry. You have my deepest sympathies. They keep doing these things because they keep getting away with it. Its not going to get any better. Suing them only slows them down a bit. But every little bit helps. And think about this… A child molester becomes a teacher to be closer to children, a priest the same, a banker to swindle money as well as a politician, a cop to get away with whatever they want, a lawyer to do his dirty deeds and on and on. Never take anyone at face value. Good people need to stick together. Thats the only way to defeat them.

  99. I am truly sorry for the loss of your daughter. However, this story is VERY one sided and I believe it is only fair to hear both sides of the story before we jump to conclusions! He is lucky that the police officer chose to pull his mace instead of his gun. They are trained to treat everyone as suspects in a situation like this. I believe considering the circumstances that charges should be dropped…EMTs are trained to medically assist people and I believe that is what they were trying to do and the cop may have felt it was necessary to take control of the situation in order to calm everyone down and help the victim, who in this case was the deceased daughter….

  100. Obviously, this was a terrible thing that happened. I’m not even going to get into the whys of why she did this. But seriously? Just a question, do you really believe this is the truth? That a man and his son were pepper sprayed and locked up for just quietly standing there? People do irrational things when they’ve been through a crisis, and they also look for someone outside the situation to blame. I can 100% guarantee that the dad and son did a lot more than what he said he did. Should the police have been more understanding in that situation? Most likely. But it still seems that there was a lot more that happened that was not told. Where are the police dash cam videos? There are some shady cops out there, true, but for this story to be true all the police AND the paramedics who were there would have to be in league with each other to orchestrate this situation, and still somehow have enough proof to go forward with prosecution. I don’t buy it.


  101. My question is why didnt the EMT tend to the daughter right away instead of asking what happen, their duty is to the person that is hurt or bleeding, not to ask the question that the police are suppose to ask. They should of started working on your daughter right away, she was the priorty , not asking questions. There is one lawsuit for you, the second is them letting her fall off the strechter, then the lawsuit against the joplin PD for 1. you are a distressed parent, your daughter just rolled off the stretcher that the EMTs should of secured her to before anything else, and the PD decides to pepper spray you for yelling because of your daughter falling, and pepper spray your son for standing there and being quite, 2. Joplin PD aresting you and your son for nothing is lawsuit number 2 or 3 or 4 for all the things they did and now the prosecuting attorney wants a lawsuit against him. There is no jury they could find that doesnt have a mother or father on it that wouldnt stand behind you and your family. Think about it because if it would of been my kid they would already of gotten there papers to show up in court. I am so sorry for your family and I hope every paper around the country picks up your story because every parent out there will be standing behind you. Contact tv shows, every newspaper you know or can get ahold of it will help you go a long way. Good luck and God Bless you and your family.

  102. I was there that night with a good friend bonding someone out of jail when this all happened, I actually spoke with a family member a lady that was also an attorney on the front steps and was there listening as JOPLIN POLICE DEPT JAILERS TOLD THIS LADY A FAMILY MEMBER WHO WAS ALSO A LAWYER THAT SHE COULD NOT SEE THIS FATHER AND SON AND THEY WERE HOLDING THEM 24 HOURS!!! I will never forget seeing and hearing what the jailers said and didn’t say. I watched as they keep there SUV surrounded like they were criminals(when in fact it was the police who were in my opinion being unjust and unfair flat out WRONG) and had it towed to the back. all of this was just WRONG!!! AND SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It is my understanding that William flyshacker attorney at law here in Joplin on wall street takes cases against the city and county for things like this! MY PRAYERS ARE WITH THE FAMILY AND LOVED ONES!!!!

  103. First of all I am truly sorry for your loss and unless this particular situation has happened to anyone here posting, then none of us know what it feels like. I know that I cannot say that I understand what you are going through because I don’t, but your family are in the hearts of many. On the other hand, seeing all of you people talking about teaching your children that cops are bad and that they are not your friends is saddening. It is all so true that not all police are good or not all police are bad. This too is sad. If you are having to tell your children that cops are bad, you are setting them up for failure. If they just abide by the laws, then nothing to worry about. I understand that people make mistakes and sometimes the legal system doesn’t work out the way it should, also sad. Again Sir, I am truly sorry for the loss of a precious life. I have learned that there is nothing more precious than a child of your own. I hope that things will work themselves out for the good in your favor. Deepest sympathies.

  104. I found out quite a while ago the JPD is a JOKE. There ARE a FEW good officers, be sure. But my advice to THEM would be to go to work for a police department in ANOTHER TOWN. Good police men and women will NOT BE ACCEPTED in this town! Their “higher-ups” will find a way to GET RID of them. Only JERKS will be accepted there on a long-term basis!!

  105. Mr. Russell, Keep telling your story until someone listens. Tell it to every newspaper, television channel and state representative you can find. This is a travesty! I am so very sorry for your loss!

  106. For everyone who is asking why the EMTs didnt speed off with Brooke…. it’s because she was already dead. She was dead when they found her in the park. She was PRONOUNCED dead at the hospital, because that’s what you do. She blew her brains out. That’s the unsugar coated truth. If the EMTs didnt strap her to the cart it was because they knew she was dead, and were more worried about being physically assaulted by her father and brother. I’m sorry, but that’s the cold hard truth.

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